ALBION EXCIA Whitening Immaculate Essence IDD 28 x 1.5ml

SIZE: 28 x 1.5ml

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SIZE: 28 x 1.5ml


About the product:

An intensive 28-day whitening treatment that offers powerful whitening and anti-aging benefit, delivering instant radiance and firmness.


Product Use:

- Advanced formula with Kojic Acid EX and Nanocesta Technology offers visible and faster whitening and firming results with just one vial.

- Nanocesta Technology is ALBION’s latest whitening delivery system using highly penetrating nano-sized micelles to reach the source of dark spots directly. 

- Combined with Kojic IDD complex, Excia Whitening Immaculate Essence IDD exerts a rapid yet intense whitening effect to quickly eradicate dark spots as skin instantly radiates with a glow and becomes firmer.


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