8 THE THALASSO Cleansing Repair& Smooth Serum Shampoo

475 ml

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475 ml


-A beauty essence shampoo with "Thalasso Stem Cell Prescription" that contains 3 types of stem cell extract and seaweed extract.

-Moisture is delivered to damaged squishy hair to bind and retain water, and the hair is tied up to the tips.

-A fine, creamy, lathering shampoo moisturizes, prepares the scalp environment, and cleans the scalp and hair.

-It delivers nutrition to the inside of the hair, smoothes the surface of the hair, and leads to smooth "smooth hair" up to the tips of the hair.

-Fruity floral scent.

How to use

-After the hair is sufficiently moistened, spread an appropriate amount over the entire hair and whisk well to wash. Then rinse thoroughly.

* While holding the neck of the pump, turn the head counterclockwise to raise the head. Press it several times until the contents come out. If the head does not rise, re-tighten the neck, fix it by hand, and turn the head again.


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