8 THE THALASSO Smooth Repair& Aqua Serum Treatment

475 ml

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475 ml


-Formula is based of proprietary, “Thalasso Stem Cell Formula” consisting of Stem cells, Marine collagen, Ceramide, Hyaluronic acid, Keratin, Amino acid and Seaweed. Provides anti-aging for the scalp while cleansing and improving scalp environment to aid healthier hair growth. Proprietary “Aqua Delivery System” quickly repairs holes and tears in the cuticles and maintaining the hydration with “Aqua Network”.

-Uses Stem cell extract from Marine plant, Apple stem and eryngium. Retains moisture with Arginine acid NA, Keratin and Chitosan. Deep ocean water, Marine collagen and Seaweed extract provide hydration.

-Nourishes and strengthens weakened cells with Thalasso, Apple and Eryngium stem cell. Ceramide which is essential to bonding broken cuticles are nano sized to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft for maximum efficacy.

-Ceramide NG, Ceramide NP, Ceramide AP, Sacha inchi oil, squalane oil heals and hydrates for more manageable, smooth strands without weighing hair down.

-Hydrolyzed silk gently restores moisture back into the hair and smooth strands. Hydrolyzed cuticle protein helps strengthen hair and premium cashmere keratin softens hair to the touch.


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