ALBION EXCIA Double Key Serum


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- A highly skin-energizing serum containing two culture supernatants combined in their fresh state for direct infusion into the skin. The serum swiftly and powerfully stimulates cellular activity, promising superbly smooth, fully resilient and radiant skin that feels new and transformed.

- Contains culture-supernatant-like ingredients in the largest amounts which exponentially improves cellular activity, swiftly encouraging as a result superior smoothness as if the skin has been reborn, leaving it full of radiance and elasticity from within.

- “Double Key Base” product base composed of two formulas that spread over the skin without mixing achieves a completely novel product texture that combines fluidity with the substantiality of oils. Ingredients penetrate deeply for noticeable improvement in textural refinement, smoothness and elasticity.

- “Replantation” and cell-stimulating benefits achieved to their fullest: A treatment approach common to all EXCIA and new RADIANCE RENEW line


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