AMPLEUR Amplifier Rules Luxury White Emulsion Gel EX 50g

SIZE: 50g

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SIZE: 50g


About the product:

- With a moisture-retaining mask effect and a formula that improves elasticity, this gel promotes even more supple, radiant, luminous skin. It keeps plenty of moisture in the skin, creating bright, lovely skin with every use.

- Infuses beauty essences into your skin to saturate cells with vitality.

- Vitamin C A B6 E, coenzyme Q10, placenta essence, brightening essence and others will revitalize and moisturize your skin.

- Texture: Rich but non-greasy, it spreads smoothly across your face.


How to use:

After using lotion or serum, dispense an appropriate amount (slightly more than an average pearl-size amount) and gently massage into your entire face from the center to the periphery. Add a little extra to your worrisome dry areas.


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