AQUA CUBE Medicated Cleansing and Sanitizing Hand Cream Milk

50 ml

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50 ml


-A medicated hand milk that can be quickly disinfected, washed and moisturized when you are concerned.

-It can be used when you cannot wash your hands or as a daily anti-virus measure. It is also recommended when you are concerned about dryness due to its moist feeling.

- It contains "benzethonium chloride (0.05%)" as an active ingredient, and can be disinfected and moisturized with one bottle. Contains moisturizing ingredients sodium hyaluronate (2), squalene, vitamin E and anti-inflammatory ingredient dipotassium glycyrrhizinate to moisturize and condition the skin.

- Ethanol-free, mild, and skin-friendly

How to use:

Apply an appropriate amount on your hands several times a day.


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