ARTISTIC & CO. Beauty Miss9' The Essence Lip Mask

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-Luxurious "lip intensive care" with abundant beauty essence ingredients focusing on lip problems.

-Demonstrates the "moisturizing wrapping effect" of the lips with a comfortable feeling of use that suppresses unpleasant stickiness. It leads to a plump and plump finish.

-Furthermore, by using it not only during the day but also before going to bed, you can use it as a "night mask" to provide special care for your lips.

-And while you sleep, the natural serum ingredients color your lips in a natural pink.

-As a special lip care "night mask". The beauty essence component that adheres makes the stains and wrinkles on the lips dried by ultraviolet rays less noticeable. And it leads to smooth and glossy lips.

-Achieves a transparent, natural pink coloring with natural beauty essence ingredients. We have fulfilled the desire of women who want to wear color on their lips even when no makeup is applied.


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