ARTISTIC & CO. Beauty PE The White Ghost Glow Foundation

32 g

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32 g


-Full of essence into makeup to create hydrated skin.

-Select Nobel award-winning ingredients, luxurious and rich moisturizing products.

-The fullerene concentration exceeds 1%, achieving better skin care effect.

-Contains rose hip oil, which moisturizes dry skin from the inside out. It is called "dry skin savior".

-Contains argan oil, rich in vitamin E, has a good anti-ageing effect.

-Contains apple stem cell essence, prolongs the life of skin cells and resists ultraviolet rays.

-7 Great gentle skin care protection, suitable for all skin types.

-Customize exclusive color numbers, all-match Asian skin tones.

How to use:

-After daily skin care, apply the primer.

-Shake well and open the bottle cap, press 1-2 times to take an appropriate amount on the back of the hand or fingers, and apply on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin respectively. Use fingers or makeup tools to spread the liquid foundation evenly on the entire face .


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