BB Laboratories PH Massage Cream Pro 280g

SIZE: 280g

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SIZE: 280g


About the product:

- A massage cream that cares for skin experiencing stress from the environment: UV rays, pollution, etc.

- Gives the skin a smooth, silky texture and removes dirt from pores.

- Helps skin appear clear and radiant. Feminie ylang ylang fragrange.


How to use:

- After washing the face and applying facial lotion, take an appropriate amount and use the palms of both hands to spread it evenly over the entire face and nape of the neck. Using the tips of the fingers, gently massage the face and neck in a circular motion from bottom to top, and from the center of the face outward. (Continue for about 5 – 10 minutes.)
- After the massage, use wet wipes to remove the cream or press gently with tissue, then wash off completely with warm water.


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