ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential Paper Mask E 8PCS

SIZE:8 pcs

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SIZE:8 pcs


What it is:

This lotion-infused paper mask fits snugly to the skin with a refreshing and pleasant sensation. Formulated with Job's Tears extract which Albion specially cultivates in Hokkaido, Skin Conditioner Paper Mask boosts the skin self-recuperative ability and regulates cell renewal cycle to keep the skin healthy and less prone to breakouts, irritation and dullness. 

Product Use:

Skin Conditioner Paper Mask also refines the skin texture and brightens up dull skin, delivering visibly more radiant, clear and translucent skin.

How to Use:

Fit the eye section of the mask around your eyes. Working from top to bottom, fit the mask over the entire face. Adjust it using the cut-in sections along the chin, making sure the mask adheres neatly by pressing it down gently using the palms of the hands. Leave on for 5-10 mins, then remove.

Made in Japan


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