ARTISTIC & CO. Beauty PE The White Out Wrinkle Eye Cream

15 g

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15 g


-Improve eye wrinkles, fill and tighten the eye area, and give vitality to the eye area.

-Improve the dullness of the eyes and brighten the look around the eyes.

-Delicate and moisturize, improve dryness and dullness.

-Moisturize and nourish, lift up the eye area and improve sagging eye area.

-5 kinds of plant extracts: cherry blossom extract, centella asiatica extract, ginseng extract, plum fruit extract, skullcap extract. Concentrate on anti-sugar, refuse glycation and relaxation.

How to use:

-Take an appropriate amount of eye cream on the palm of your hand and warm it up.

-Spread on the eyes and lips, and massage to promote absorption.


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