COCOCHI AG Ultimate Mask Set 5pcs x 3

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COCOCHI AG Ultimate Mask Facial Mask 5 Pcs x 2

- A 2- Step mask containing stem cell-derived ingredients resulting with healthier glow recommended for users with sensitive or dry skin.

- Recommended for sensitive and dry skin.

- Japan's first facial essence mask with stem cell-derived ingredient care cream.

- Non-paraben, no coloring, non-alcohol.


COCOCHI AG Ultimate Ocean Mask 5pcs

- Combining luxurious ingredients, activating skin cells weakened by dual care, maximizing restoration and water retention.

- Step one: Stem cell derived component with care cream, intensive care where you are concerned such as eyebrows/eyes/face/mouth.

- Step two: AG Ultimate Mask Skin Care with luxurious beauty components ingredients, stem cell derived component: Marine placenta/Deep sea water/Resurrection grass extract.


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