ITO Face Washing Cloth Towel 80 Sheets *3pcs

80 Sheets *3pcs

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80 Sheets *3pcs


About the product:

- Bacterial and mite could be hidden in towel when it is not completely dry. And this is harmful for your skin.

- It may cause acne and pimple or other skin problem.

- ITO Facial Cotton Tissue is made of 100% cotton non-woven fabric, soft like baby skin, highly absorbent, no easy to become small pieces, significantly reduce energy and carbon emissions with its patented spun-lace non-woven technique.

- It’s an environment friendly alternative to paper towels, cotton pads, face towels and other products.

- These towels are very soft and gentle as the premium cotton, almost a silky feel, you can use them with skin cleanser spray or hot soapy water.

- Not irritating to your skin, great to have for your sensitive skin.

- They are very durable so it can definitely be rinsed under water and even wrung out.

How to use:

- Please use for skin care such as cleansing and wiping. It is also available for makeup remover, manicure remover, putting, cotton pack.

- Separate the necessary parts from the body and wipe the water after washing.

- For skin care, use warm water or water and squeeze it.

- In the case of makeup remover, please wipe it gently including the makeup remover you usually use.


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