LAVONS LE LINGE Fabric Conditioner #Peach John

600 ml

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600 ml


-It can effectively inhibit the odor caused by the growth of bacteria and protect the health of the family.

-French perfume formula, exudes a sweet and elegant fruity fragrance and brilliant clothes color.

-The safe ingredients can be used on the clothes of babies and pregnant women to prevent static electricity and no irritation. It is especially suitable for clothes made of wool/cashmere.

-Extracting sage and other organic plant extracts can achieve the purpose of removing bacteria and inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

How to use:

-Washing machine use:

-The amount of laundry is 8.0kg (65L of water), 55ml.

-Washing volume 6.0kg (water volume 60L), 40ml.

-The amount of laundry is 4.2kg (45L of water), 30ml.

-The amount of laundry is 2.2kg (30L of water), 15ml.

-Hand wash: 5ml.


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