FANCL Nano Hyaluronic Acid (30 days) Best Before 02/2021

SIZE: 30 Tables / 30 Days

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SIZE: 30 Tables / 30 Days


About the product:

Moisturizes the source of water-deficient skin. The moisturizing and intercellular lipids in the ingredients can replenish the skin's easily lost moisturizing factor and make the skin hydrated.

Improve skin water storage capacity, prevent dry lines caused by dry environment, improve skin roughness and water shortage

Ceramide is present between the skin's keratinocytes and cells. It is an important component that maintains moisture and maintains moisture. Compared with collagen, neural steroids gradually lose with age, causing dryness, water shortage and aging.

More micro-fine molecules, more easily absorbed.


How to use:

1 capsule a day, eat after meals, swallowed with warm water.


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