PLIFT Placenta & Vitamin C Beauty Lip Serum 6ml

SIZE: 6ml

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SIZE: 6ml


About the product:

PLIFT is an original brand by the popular Japanese drugstore Ainz & Tulpe. The lip essence contains vitamin C and placenta which will leave your lip moist and healthy glow.

Main Ingredients: Placenta, Vitamin C, Salicylic Acid


How to use:

- Can be used as a lipstick base (such as autumn and winter, everyone's lips are easy to dry and peel, red lipstick glaze will not be beautiful enough, you can first apply this primer, after 5 minutes, gently wipe off the beauty liquid with a paper towel, then apply lipstick, Will be color and docile!

- Can also be applied to the lipstick to increase the gloss, but the premise is that you apply a matte matte lipstick, the lips will be very shiny, looks good and healthy feeling!

- Before bedtime, put it on for a thickly layer.


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