COCOCHI AG Ultimate Facial Mask #Sakura

5 sheets

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5 sheets


-A rich beauty essence facial mask, cherry blossoms, which is a luxurious blend of Japanese domestic Yoshino cherry extract and sweet cherry fruit extract. Comes with a stem cell-derived ingredient care cream.

-Contains beauty ingredients such as squalane, human adipocyte conditioned culture solution extract, jojoba seed oil, cucumber extract, and aloe vera leaf extract. -A face mask with plenty of beauty essence, someiyoshino leaf extract that not only looks beautiful, but also has powerful power, soybean cherry fruit extract that contains plenty of nutrients that make women happy, vitamin B12 with excellent moisturizing power ( Cyanocobalamin), EGF natural moisturizing factor, human-derived stem cells, plant-extracted essence, placenta extract, fermented soymilk, natural hot spring water, squalane, apple extract, etc. are used luxuriously.

-Lyocell sheet is an environment-friendly sheet with excellent adhesion to the skin and elasticity, and while wrapping the skin with a silky texture, it delivers plenty of beauty ingredients deep into the stratum corneum. -It exerts strong moisturizing power in a dry environment, conditions the skin, and rejuvenates the activation of skin cells, preventing problems such as rough skin. Since it is additive-free, it is also suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

-A pleasant cherry blossom scent.

How to use:

-After washing your face, Take out the intensive care cream (for the part) from the upper left part of the bag and apply it to the areas of concern such as the eyebrows, eyes, face and mouth.

-Take out the sheet mask from the bottom of the bag and Leave it for 15 minutes.


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