COW Baby Foaming Body Soap

400 ml

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400 ml


-A creamy, fine-textured foam that gently cleanses delicate skin without removing too much sebum. Easy to rinse, clean bubbles. You can wash your baby’s hair and body.

-Contains 3 skin care ingredients, moisturizes the skin (skin protection ingredient) Squalane shea butter (moisturizing ingredient) Hyaluronic acid.

-Weakly acidic, hypoallergenic, uncolored, fragrance-free Skin allergy tested

How to use:

-At the beginning of use, remove the stopper of the pump and press it several times until bubbles appear.

-Take an appropriate amount of foam in your hand, wash it gently, and then wash it off.

-When washing your hair, soak it in hot water, pick up an appropriate amount of foam, and wash it by stroking it. Then rinse well.


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