DIANE BONHEUR Orange Flower Shampoo 500ml #Moist Relax

SIZE: 500ml

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SIZE: 500ml


About the product:

- The scent of Orange Flower, is a refreshing harmony of Grasse neroli and citrus.

- Featured: Dry Scalp, Lack of Luster, Coarse Texture.

- Plants empower the hair and scalp to realize naturally glossy hair.

- Made with 100% plant-derived cleansing components.


How to use:

- Gently wash away dirt and sebum from scalp with lukewarm water.
- Dispense shampoo on your hand and use the ball of your fingers to massage scalp in small circular motions from above the ears.
- Cover your entire scalp with the bouncy lather and leave it on for few minutes. Rich bouncy foam absorbs dirt and sebum from scalp for a refreshing and soothing wash.


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