DR.CI: LABO Super Keana Washing Foam

120 g

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120 g


-Developed by the Japanese dermatologist pores special effect care ingredients, effectively clearing.

-Addition to aging of the skin and dissolve protein blackheads, get rid of large pores make the culprit, inhibit oil secretion, provide skin adequate moisture to create flawless ceramics muscle.

-The formula is alcohol-free and suitable for morning and evening use.

-Pore-free cleansing milk uses small and elastic micro-foam to penetrate deep into the bottom layer of pores, thoroughly cleanse excess oil and old dead skin, gently cleanse the skin, and lay a healthy foundation for pore-free skin.

How to use:

-Take an appropriate amount and put it in your hands, add a little cold or warm water. Gently massage the face with foam. Wash carefully with hands or warm water.


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