FLOWFUSHI Mote Mascara 7g #Natural 02 Black

SIZE: 7g

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SIZE: 7g


About the product:

This is one of FLOWFUSHI's new mascara selections. You now can choose a mascara from 9 kinds of "Mote Mascaras" according to how you would like to finish your eyelashes.

This Mote Mascara (Natural 2 / Separate / Black) is a comb type of mascara rather than brush, and it makes your eyelashes look naturally longer as it separate to each other nicely. The calm is designed with careful work and it has only 0.18mm in spaces.


- The new Mote Mascaras have 120% more of End Mineral compared to previous mascaras.

- End Mineral is Flowfushi's unique beauty component, which is safe and taken from natural mineral ore. It generates a lot of minus ion and has many beauty effects like encouraging blood flow.

- Each Mote Mascara has different and unique brushes, which are 100% custom made for Mote Mascara selections by mascara brush specialists.

- They also have a new technology called "WP Film", which has an ability to make curls and also make the mascaras waterproof while being easily washable with warm water.


How to use:

Place the comb part of mascara and slide the mascara smoothly to the edge of eyelashes as you push up.

Apply the mascara in other parts like lower eyelashes, tail of the eyes, and inner of eyes with the comb as well.



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