GOODAL Green Tangerine Vita C Toner pad 70pcs

70pcs / 140ml

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70pcs / 140ml


About the product:

- These pads come fully soaked in toner that is richly packed with vitamin C. Powerful antioxidants from green tangerines help restore the look of brighter and youthful skin. The green tangerines from Jeju Island contain up to 10x more vitamin C than their mature counterparts, giving you the best results for a clearer complexion.

- A 5-in-1 multi-purpose toner pad that provides vitamins and moisture while evening out skin tone, removing residual impurities, and boosting skin health

How to use:

- Wipe your face with one Vita C Toner pad for your easy skin ritual.

- Use this ‘vitamin C’ toner pad as a face mask. Place 2 or more pads on areas you want to have special treatment and take them off after 10 minutes for a vibrant and even complexion.

- It can be used on the body as well.


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