HABA Blackhead Deep Cleansing Balm & Serum set

Balm NET WT: 15g | Serum NET WT: 5g

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Balm NET WT: 15g | Serum NET WT: 5g


About the product:

Blackhead Deep Cleansing Balm 15g

- A spot cleanser thoroughly dissolves and removes tough blackheads which cannot be removed with regular facial wash or cleanser.

- Sugarcane-derived oil is absorbed deep into clogged pores to dissolve blackheads, and the pores less noticeable.


Blackhead Deep Cleansing Serum 5g

-This serum prevents the formation of new blackheads by applying it over the pores after they are unclogged. It tightens skin while regulating skin cell turnover to make it smooth and the pores less noticeable.


How to use: [2 times a week, use both balm & Serum

-After washing face, take a sufficient amount (the size of a small green bean) on the spatula, apply over dry skin using hands. Smooth it over the pores you are concerned about in a circular motion, and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

- After rinsing the balm off, towel-dry and immediately apply the serum over the clean pores using the brush. Massage into the skin with your fingers. Followed by your routine skin care.

[Daily care: SERUM only] Apply the serum every day after washing your face and towel-dry, even on the days you do not use the balm.


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