HABA Squa Powder Wash 80g

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NET WT: 80g



About the product: 

- HABA Squa Powder Wash dissolves easily in water for an extra-fine cleansing lather.  It thoroughly removes dirt, dead skin cells, and debris to leave the skin refreshed and smooth.

- HABA Squa Powder Wash is an amino acid-based face wash with weak acidity.  It cleans off dirt and dead cells thoroughly.

- It melts instantly in water, without forming lumps, to create an extra-fine lather. Smooth lather wraps the face to dissolve dirt prevent corneum hardening. Leaves the skin velvety smooth after wash.

- Weak acidity is mild to skin. Foam is easily rinsed off and will not leave the skin feeling dry or tight.

- Contains effective ingredients to condition and calm the skin for a clean and refreshed feeling after washing.


How to use:


- Take a big coin size on palm (the volume to fill your cup-shaped palm).

- Add water a little by little to make lather abundantly, then wrap your face with foam and wash face softly.

- Make sure to lather well till powers completely disappear.

- Rinse off with water or lukewarm water well.


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