HACCI Honey Facial Soap 80g


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About the Product

- The starting point for pure skin. Contains 10% of honey .

- HACCI's best-selling soap, “Honey Cleansing Soap” - Micro bubbles, embraced in happiness Rich, heavy, and instantly lathering micro bubbles gently embraces the skin to thoroughly remove dirt, for a smoother skin after washing.

- With the moisture power of honey, for skin that is hydrated, supple and has a clear impression. Please use the special foaming net

- When concerned about dirty or dull pores, a foam mask is recommended. Keep lather on your face for a while like a masque before rinsing off, for even smoother skin.

How to Use

- Put the soap into the net ,Put on some water and thoroughly rub the soap onto the net. Take the soap out and add a little more water to the net. Then slowly make a lather as you beat air into it.​ ​Once the foam becomes like meringue, squeeze out the foam from the net 。 Smoothly apply plenty of foam to the face to wash. Rinse it off with water or lukewarm water.


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