HOMEI Weekly Nail Gel WG Series 9ml

SIZE: 9ml

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SIZE: 9ml


About the product:

- A gel nail with a single base + color + top

- Apply like regular nail polish and just peel it off when done.

- Easy to follow steps, even for first time users.


How to use:

- This Product requires a LED Or UV light.

- To prevent sedimentation of contents, shake it gently so as to roll various gels, mix well with a brush before use.

- When peeling, take gel of cinnabar with toes and gently remove it towards your fingertips.

- Curing time: UV light about 120 seconds (36W), LED light about 60 seconds (6W).

- Test with one finger and use.

- UV wavelength / LED cured at 350 to 400 nm wavelength.


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