K-PALETTE 1Day Tattoo Lasting 3 Way Eyebrow Pencil #Mocha Brown

2 pcs

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2 pcs


- Create perfectly defined eyebrows that lasts all day with Kosei's Lasting 3 Way eyebrow pencil.

- Part of their popular K-Palette series, this make up staple comes complete with an eyebrow pencil, powder pot with applicator, and a stoolie brush in one convenient stick.

- Recommended for people with brown hair color.

How to use:

- Step 1 Pencil: Draw one bottle up to the end of the eyebrows.

- Step 2 Brush: Blurring hair lines while blurring the drawn lines.

- Step 3 Powder: Three-dimensional beautiful eyebrows are complete if you put fluffy and nuance.


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