KOBAYASHI Skin Care Set For Keratosis and Back Acne

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About the produst:


KOBAYASHI Skin Care Cream For Legs Keratosis Skin 20g

A specially designed skin softening cream for softening annoying lumps & bumps found on legs, it also helps reduce over redness, promote blood circulation, and leave your skin soft & smooth.


KOBAYASHI Acne Care Spray For Back And Chest 100ml

- KOBAYASHI SEIYAKU Acne Care Spray allows you to solve problems, including blocking of pores, grease and rough skin on back and chest, revealing silky skin. 

- The product contains Salicylic Acid and Ethanol, which can thoroughly cleanse and nourish the pores, preventing blocking of pores, grease and rough skin.

- The addition of Allantoin can moisturize the skin and minimize faded red or red marks.


KOBAYASHI Cream To Cure For Keratosis 15g

- To improve the rough of Kurozundahiji knee go to smooth skin, cream.

- Remove the horny a dark active ingredients "urea".

- Metabolism promoting ingredients encourage the reincarnation of the skin, it will continue to improve in the beautiful skin.


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