LAUNDRIN Air Freshener Diffuser #Fresh Mojito


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- A summer scent for your home inspired by a seaside holiday. - A refreshing and sweet scent of Peppermint, Amber and Lime.

- A room diffuser with a natural and pleasant scent. Place it in your living room, entrance, bedroom, etc. and enjoy the high-quality scent of Randolin.

- Fresh mojito scent. A beachside scent with a refreshing and refreshing sweetness inspired by the Caribbean Sea.

- Uses a resin stick that is hard to bend and easily absorbs scented oil

- Place it in the living room, entrance, bedroom, etc. to make your usual room feel luxurious

- Usage period: Lasts for about 1.5 to 3 months

* The duration depends on the environment and the number of sticks used.

* If the scent becomes weaker, turn the stick upside down before use.

* There are individual differences in the strength and feeling of the scent.

* When handling the cap, be careful not to hurt your hands or fingers with the edges.

* Package design, etc. are subject to change without notice.


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