LION Pipeman Sink and Drain Cleaner 450ml

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- Amazing Power

- Liquid-Plum Full Clog Destroyer unclogs drains prevents clogs with regular monthly use

- Cuts through standing water to clear total blockages and unclogs slow-running drains destroying hair grease and soap scum

- This drain cleaner is safe for all septic systems, disposals and pipes, including PVC, plastic, copper and old pipes

- Prevents clogs from coming back when used monthly

How to Use

- Slowly pour entire bottle of Liquid-Plumer Urgent Clear down the drain. For full clogs, wait at least 7 minutes. For slow drains, wait at least 15 minutes. In cases of standing water, wait until drain is clear. Flush with hot water. For garbage disposals, follow same usage directions and flush with disposal running. Avoid all splashing. Do not use with plunger or in toilets.


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