IPSA Creative Concealer e SPF25 PA+++ 4.5g

SIZE: 4.5g

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SIZE: 4.5g


About the product:

- IPSA Creative Concealer EX SPF25 PA+++ is a concealer compact that offers three shades to combine, address skin tone and blemishes, produce comprehensive coverage with a natural, translucent finish.

- Powder compact that covers dark circles, acne scars, discoloration, and redness.

- Innovative product utilizes Lighting Formula to increase the reflection of light to cover the pigmentation of blemishes and leave your skin with a healthy, rosy glow.

- Mix and match three shades to create and match your perfect skintone and cover blemishes ranging from dark under-eye circles, acne scars, discoloration, dullness, large pores, and more.


How to use: 

- Apply to dark areas such as under eye circles, around mouth and outer corners of eyes. 

- Blend well to match skintone. Finish with light concealer for perfect and complete coverage.


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