KATE Designing Eyebrow Powder 3D-EX5 3g


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 About the product:

- A 3-shade (dark, medium and light) eyebrow powder palette that gives the eyes depth by creating natural natural eyebrows and shadowing the nose bridge.

- Comes with an eyebrow brush that enables easy delicate application to small areas like the outer end of eyebrows & a nose shadow brush.


How to use:

- Put an appropriate amount of powder onto the brush, and adjust on the back of your hand before application.

- Mix the powders in the upper and middle sections to create different shades you like, and draw the whole eyebrow while blending the borders.

- Apply a lighter shade to the inner end of the eyebrow, and a slightly darker shade to the outer half, to produce a gradation to give the eyebrow depth.

- Apply the powder in the upper section for fine drawing from the peak of the brow arch to the outer end.



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