COCOCHI AG Ultimate Sleeping Pack Sleeping Mask 5 Pcs

size: 3.5g * 5 pcs

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size: 3.5g * 5 pcs


About the Product:

- The AG Ultimate Sleeping Pack was developed for busy women.

- The proprietary formula contains highly antioxidant astaxanthin, the so-called "red vitamin" cyanocobalamin, anti-aging Matrixyl, and other ingredients that reach deep down to brighten the complexion.

- This sleeping pack is made to enhance the so-called "Cinderella time," when the skin repairs damage and fatigue overnight.

- This gift of the ocean keeps the skin bright and helps control the melanin production that causes dark spots on the skin.

- Marine collagen gives the skin firmness and resilience from within. A light gel texture. It provides intensive moisture to tired skin, enhancing moisture levels inside the skin, and brightening the whole face.

- It is additive-free, making it perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin.

- Contains no added color, parabens, or alcohol. It does not stress the skin, improving the skin's natural healing function, and getting the most out of the ingredients in order to help keep the skin healthy and beautiful.


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