PDC Red Beans Beauty Facial Mask 170g x 2packs

SIZE: 170g x 2


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SIZE: 170g x 2



About the product:

- PDC Wafood Made Azuki Scrub is a facial scrub featuring the skin of Japanese red beans (azuki) to make your skin smooth and moisturised. 

- Azuki red beans have polyphenols and natural cleansing components to remove old keratin cells and make the skin healthy and smooth.


- The red beans are carefully chosen and produced in Hokkaido, Japan.

- The scrub also has Conjac Mannan, which lessens the skin.

- It also has Saponin, which cleanses old cuticles and sebum.


How to use:

- After washing your face, gently wipe the water on your face. 

- Apply and spread the scrub as you massage your face. 

- Rinse it off with water or warm water. 

- Recommended o use 2- 3 times a week.


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