POLA B.A Grandluxe III Serum 50g Refill

SIZE: 50g

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SIZE: 50g


About the product:

- POLA’s ultimate brand has arrived at this approach to anti-aging care. Apply the serum to your skin, and feel how it springs back from the inside.

- Achieve radiant clarity, and a sense of rebounding elasticity.

- This concentrated beauty serum spreads easily on to the skin, and feels like the cream is transforming into an oil.

- Functioning both as a beauty serum and milk, this one bottle is all you need to apply after a lotion to finish your basic skin care.

- An oval shape that opens into a spiral, and an elegantly curved silhouette. The product’s design was conceived from the beautiful Fibonacci sequence and catenary curves that are found in nature.

- Remove the organic black cover to reveal a sparkling silver bottle. Then turn the dial on the top to release the serum. The entire design is to stimulate your curiosity, both when you use the bottle and even just gazing at it.


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