POLA Wrinkle Shot Geo Serum


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- POLA focused on the facial expression pressure applied to the skin by facial movements.

- This cosmeceutical hydrates your skin and makes it firm and supple.

How to Use

- 2 drops of 5 mm diameter per one area (laugh lines, outer corner of both eyes, around the eyes and forehead).

- Lasts for about 4 months when used on 1 site. Lasts for about 2 months when used on 2 sites.

- Please use the serum according to your unique skin concerns and condition. Please make sure to cleanse your skin before applying makeup and sunscreen products.

- Please apply Wrinkle Shot Serum as the final step when using it with other serums and beauty essences (for POLA products, these include White Shot SXS, White Shot CXS, B.A Grandluxe II, B.A Serum Revup, etc.


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