PROPOLINSE Yuzu Mouthwash 600ml NEW

SIZE: 600ml

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SIZE: 600ml


PROPOLINSE Yuzu Mouthwash

Protein stain adhering to your mouth is one of the causes of bad breath odor. Using Propolinse mouthwash, you can see the protein stain washed away in your mouth simply by your eyes because its formula is capable of catching protein stain. You get totally refreshed after using it.



- Tea leaves help prevent breath halitosis

- Propolis extract protects and nourishes gum

- Xylitol gently brightens and protects your teeth, helps maintain clear breathes


For perfect application:

- Take 10-20 ml Propolinse mouthwash, about half a cap.

- Rinse vigorously inside mouth for 30 seconds to ensure thorough cleansing.

- Spit out. Take caution not to swallow.


[Ingredients: PROPOLINSE Yuzu Mouthwash] Glycerol, Propolis extract


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