AYURA Well Balance Midnight Charge Lip Essence

10 g

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10 g


-It can help dilute lip wrinkles, nourish and repair, and fight cheilitis.

-Contains orange fruit extract, promotes skin growth and repair, and effectively reduces lip lines.

-Contains glucosyl hesperidin to promote blood circulation and brighten the lip skin.

-Containing tocopherol hydrolyzed conchiolin, which can resist oxygen and aging, resist allergy and reduce inflammation.

-Glycerin dipropylene glycol can tighten moisture and lasting moisturizing.

-No additives, no preservatives, no coloring, no fragrance, no alcohol, safe to protect the health of the lips.

-Translucent gel texture, easy to spread and not greasy.

How to use:

-Use fingertips to take about 2 grains of rice and apply to lips.


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