DR.CI:LABO Super White 377VC Whitening Serum 18g

SIZE: 18g

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SIZE: 18g


About the product:

- Increased levels of melanin are caused by high levels Tyrosinase activity.

- Super White 377VC is formulated to especially obstruct the Tyrosinase activity in the skin, making it one of the most efficient whitening treatments available over the counter.

- Super White 377VC is a multi-faceted approach to whitening and prevention of dark spots, dull skin and dark eye circles, achieving results fast.


How to use:

- On cleansed face, take a “pearl-size” amount on the palm of hand, and gently blend into the entire face. Followed with the usual skincare product.

- For stimulation, tapotement with finger tips to be used all over the face particularly for dry, dehydrated and matured skin.


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