SHISEIDO ELIXIR Enriched Winkle Eye Cream L 22g

SIZE: 22g

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SIZE: 22g


About the product:

- A quasi drug anti-wrinkle cream with a new efficacy to "treat wrinkles".

- By promoting hyaluronic acid and raising the moisture balance in the skin, it leads to soft skin.

- Combined with the first active ingredient to improve wrinkles, pure retinol.

- Also combined with Collagen GL to retain and maintain firmness (soluble collagen, glycerin: moisturizing).

- Has a soothing Aqua Floral scent. Allergy tested.


How to use:

- Use it around eyes and lips areas as the last step of your skin care regimen.

- For daytime usage, apply sunscreen afterwards so that the Vitamin A contained in the product can work effectively during the day.


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