LION PAIR Acne Cream 14g

SIZE: 14g

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SIZE: 14g


About the product:

- Lion Pair Acne Cream is highly effective treatment through the combine action of anti-inflammatory.

- Contains Anti-Acne formula , effectively treats Acne and helps prevent new acne pimplesThe cream become transparent when spread thinly over the affected area.

- So you can use it without any concern during the day when you go out or under makeup.

- A popular cream for treating facial acne from the root.

- It is designed for adults to bringing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects for acnes and pimples.


Product Features:

- Anti-inflammation: Rapidly diffuse skin tension and inflammation when the skin comes to pimple outbreaks.

- Anti-bacteria: Restrain and control the production of bacteria in pores.

- Repairing: Heal acnes from the root, enhance the recovery.

- Mild nature: Its pH value is close to that of the skin.

- Light texture: The cream is light and becomes transparent when spread thinly over the affected area.


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