DHC Folic Acid Supplement 60 Days Best Before 07/2021

SIZE: 60 Tablets / 60 Days

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SIZE: 60 Tablets / 60 Days


About the product:

- This dietary supplement contains 400μg of folic acid per tablet. Supports the daily health maintenance of all. 

- Folic acid is a type of vitamin B group that is rich in green-yellow vegetables and levers.

- It is also a nutrient that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare recommends to take 400 μg per day in addition to the usual amount for women who wish to become pregnant and plays an important role in the healthy development of tummy babies.

- It is also known for helping to make proteins and for helping the formation of erythrocytes.

- It is a recommended nutrient for people who wish to become pregnant, those who are pregnant or nursing, everyone who thinks about maintaining daily health.


How to use:

Take1 tablet with water or lukewarm water.


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