HACCI Beauty Supplement BEE + HADA 90 Tablets

SIZE: 90 Tablets

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SIZE: 90 Tablets


About the product:

- For supporting smooth flow and beauty of your body every day.
- Making both the body and the heart light and in a good mood.
- Start a routine to make your intestines healthy with the beauty enzyme supplement.

1.Supporting your daily routine with food-derived enzymes.

We have selected only the finest food-derived enzymes including pasteurized kiwifruit powder, fermented grain extract powder and rice malt. Detox your body and feel refreshed every day.​ ​


2.Focusing on intestinal environment.

Contains a combination of lactic acid bacteria powder and marine algae powder (dietary fiber), psyllium husk (plant-derived dietary fiber) and galacto-oligo saccharide powder to support your healthy lifestyle routine.​ ​


3.Enhancing beauty with smooth flow.

To create a well-balanced combination to support inclusive care for beauty and health, we have carefully selected ingredients including sasa veitchii leaf extract from Mt. Hakkoda, black vinegar powder containing an abundance of essential amino acids, zinc-containing yeast, and royal jelly.​ ​


How to use:

Take 3 capsules a day with cold or lukewarm water.


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