OKINA Long Spin ROSE Mouth Wash 5pcs Best Before 10.31.2021

SIZE: 5pcs

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SIZE: 5pcs


About the product:

- Okina Long Spin ROSE mouthwash for bad breath. Convenient 14ml packets for travelling, work, school, picnics, camping etc.

- Naturally sweetened with xylitol only, no artificial flavors.

- With peppermint extract to freshen breath.


How to use:

- Keep an appropriate amount (10~15ml) of the mouthwash in the mouth.

- Swish around in 20 seconds before spitting out.

- Retain long effect even when you rinse the mouth with water again.


【ingredients】 medicinal ingredient: cetylpyridinium chloride sweetener:xylitol humectant:glycerin solubilizer:polyoxyethylene hardened castor oil flavoring:peppermint extract preservative:sodium benzoate acidity regulator:monosodium hydrogen phosphate, ethanol


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