POLA B.A The Tablet 60 Tablets One Month NEW

SIZE: 60 tablets / 30 days

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SIZE: 60 tablets / 30 days


About the product:

- Experience beauty with use over time through a comprehensive approach. Feel the resilience and radiance that come from within.

- Enriched with YAC extract that is contained in the B.A skincare series. Also enriched with Herb Quartet extracted from four types of herbs, collagen peptide and olive fruit extract to build the foundation for beauty.


How to use:
Take two tablets daily with water.

- Examine the ingredients and do not drink if you have food allergies. In rare cases, the product may not agree with your body—depending on your constitution or physical condition. Discontinue use in that case.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Maintain a well-balanced diet, including a grain, main and side dish at mealtimes.


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