POLA Bright Link Eye Beauty 180 Tablets Best Before 11.2021

SIZE: 180 Tablets

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SIZE: 180 Tablets


About the product:

- POLA Bright Link is a beauty supplement formulated with a balanced blend of safflower, rice germ-derived polyamino acids, elderberry and blackberry extracts, and an original POLA ingredient called EZ3 Bright Extract, which is isolated from scarlet-purple chrysanthemum extract. 

- Bright Link is an advanced supplement, formulated to provide nutritional support for the eye.

- This product also has antioxidants and nutrients, including vitamin A (beta-carotene), C, E, and Zinc which, along with red &purple chrysanthemun, work to help protect the health of your eyes.

- It contains all the active ingredients of wild blueberries, namely anthocyanins and pterostilbene.

- Anthocyanins is considered the most potent neutralizer that overpowers free radicals.

- Pterostilbene is a unique compound that maintains healthy lipid and blood glucose levels.

- Provide nutrition to eye vessels and improve vision.

- It is a superior eye care supplement than the only blueberry.


How to use:

Take two capsules a day with warm water.


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