ROHTO SHINRYOKUSUI Fresh Eye Drops Best Before 02/2021

SIZE: 13ml

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SIZE: 13ml


About the product:

- ROHTO Shinryokusui Eye Discharge Eye Drops is designed to treat eye discomfort such as eye discharge in the morning, inflammation, blurred vision. No added preservatives.

- Use it for: eye blurred vision (eye tightness etc.), eye fatigue, conjunctival hyperemia, eye itching, eye disease prevention (after swimming, when dust and sweat gets into the eyes, etc.), ophthalmia due to ultraviolet rays or other rays (snow Eyes etc.), blepharitis (lid of eyelids), discomfort when wearing hard contact lenses.

- Do not use while wearing soft contact lenses. 


How to use:

1-3 drops/time, 5-6 times/day.


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