TUNEMAKERS Exfoliating Lotion 120ml

SIZE: 120ml

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SIZE: 120ml


About the product:

- For blackheads and dull skin (remove dead skin)

- AHA ingredients helps to exfoliate dead skin gently and clears pores.

- Ceramide gives the skin extra hydration.

Key Ingredients Ratio:

AHA 5 : Fermented AHA 3 : Ceramide 2

Recommended usage:

Step 1: After washing your face, apply Tunemakers Peeling Lotion on to cotton and wipe across the whole face. Avoid eyes and mouth area. 

Step 2: Replenish the skin's nutrients with Tunemakers Water / Cream Lotion.

Step 3: Apply any Tunemakers Serum (according to your skin needs).

Step 4: Apply moisturiser.


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