Venus Lab Thalasso Hair Removal Cream #YUZU Citrus


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- Spa-inspired skin-beautifying mud hair removal cream that incorporates the blessings of the sea.

- Hair removal care for beautiful skin while healing the mind and body with the scent of Kito Yuzu essential oil from Tokushima Prefecture.

- Contains plenty of Thalasso ingredients that care for the skin, such as seawater minerals from Brittany, France, sea mud (marine clay), four types of seaweed extract, and marine collagen.

- It catches unwanted hair from the roots, removes hair with a smooth root, and leads to smooth skin that does not tingle even after treatment.

- Also, since the tip of the tube is a sponge, it is very convenient because you can spread the depilatory without soiling your hands or nails.

- A refreshing scent of yuzu that does not cause odor even when used in a room or bath.

How to use

- Spread on the arms, legs, sides, and other areas of concern to a thickness (about 1 to 3 mm) that makes the hair invisible. After leaving it for 5 to 10 minutes, gently wipe it off with gauze, cotton wool, tissue, etc. After that, wipe the hair-removed part clean with wet cotton wool or wash it off with water.


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