AXXZIA Venus Recipe AG Drink 4th 25mL × 30pcs

SIZE: 25mL × 30pcs

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SIZE: 25mL × 30pcs


About the product:

- Axxzia AGtheory AG Drink is the most popular anti-ageing drink in Japan now. It has sold more than 750 million bottle since 2017 and is still growing.

- Each bottle contains carefully formulated herbs and fish collagen for glycation care and oxidation care. Glycation and oxidation are bio-processes that age the body cells, tissues and organs.

- These herbs and collagen are antiageing, slowing down the ageing process and help maintain youthful cells, tissues and organs and thus exterior beauty.


How to use:

- Cool AG Drink in the refrigerator and shake well before drinking. One bottle a day.

- Recommend to take it just after your bath for a refreshing feel.



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